Flower (Indica) – Purple Candy Kush (Exotic)

Purple Candy Kush is a well balanced Indica strain. It was produced locally in British Columbia, and thought to be a cross between B.C. Sweet Tooth and Mendocino Purps. Purple Candy Kush exceeds expectations with its rainbow of purple hues, and tastes of pungent sweet grape, and earthy undertones. Like most candy confections, this strain will leave your hands sticky, not with sugar, but resin. You’ll be like a kid in a candy store again with Purple Candy Kush.

Please note that the following table is how many users react, however you may have different reactions.

HELPS WITH Insomnia, Inflammation, Stress, Headaches, Pain

EFFECTS Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, Euphoric, Tingly


Gram, Eighth, Quarter, Half Ounce, Ounce

Victoria - Douglas