Tincture – Miss Envy 200mg THC

A cleaner extraction, without the spill. Inspired by the innovations of industry advocating pioneers like Rick Simpson, we set out to refine a system that blazed the trail for canna-wellness, in a full range of possibilities for the user. Introducing the higher standard in holistic health with Miss Envy’s first-of-it’s-kind line of Cannabis Oil, made by CO2 extraction. Our line uses only lab-tested THC and organic Hemp as a source for our extractions, making sure the cleanliness of your oil doesn’t stop at having any additives. Co2 extraction allows for a cleaner full-spectrum delivery of benefits from the Cannabis plant into the system. Our new Cannabis Oil formula requires no post-extraction processing to purge out solvents that may be left from other forms of extractions, making it a perfect solution for even the most sensitive of bodies and ailments. Now packaged in an easy to use “Twistspensers”, dosing has never been easier and more accurate. Our new dispensing units have a child resistant cap which help with safer storage.

200mg THC